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Homeopathic Remedy - Rubus Fructosis



  • Fevers where there is heat in the head and a sensation of tightness of the scalp; a sensation that the skin would burst. It may be of service in patients whose fever has only partially responded to other indicated remedies. I find this is one of the best remedies I know for fever and high temperature.I have seen it bring a temperature down within 20 minutes when no other remedy touched it.

  • Anxiety that is often well concealed. Also unpleasant feelings of anticipation. Panicky feelings; sense of something dreadful going to happen. Panic with palpitations or racing heartbeat.

  • Headache < temple or sides of the head; usually on one side only.

  • Poor drainage of blood from the head with feeling of thickness, dullness and fullness in the cranium.

  • Heaviness and oppression in the head with a sense of nausea. Faintness.

  • Breathlessness with palpitations. Unable to take a deep, full breath. A feeling that the chest was caved in.

  • Strong need to take a deep breath with the sensation of constriction; air hunger. Wants to expand the whole chest; to stretch against the intercostal muscles. Left lung is subject to infection: pus filled mucus from the left lung in pneumonia or chronic airways disease. Bronchiectasis.


Note:-  I find with Blackberry, the potency really makes a difference.  This is what I have observed.  For support of the circulatory system, blood and kidneys:- 6c.  To bring down a temperature:- 200c.  To help have a mental clear out; helps you get on with jobs you need to do, stop procrastinating and become organised:- 10m

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