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Indian Head Massage

Relaxing, Calming, Revitalising

Indian Massage at Just Natural Therapies
Indian Head Massage

Using a bespoke blend of aromatherapy and carrier oils, the shoulder and neck area are massaged first, with deep, relaxing movements to help relieve muscular tension and stress held in these areas.  This is followed by a theraputic head massage which helps scalp health and may stimulate hair growth, it is also extremely relaxing and can help relieve tension held in the head area.  Lastly a face massage is performed which stimulates lymphatic and sinus drainage, encourages blood flow to the the facial area, which brings nutrients to the face area and removes toxins, encouraging a healthy complexion.


Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing massage, which concentrates on the shoulders, neck head and face.  Helps to relax and relieve tension and stress held in shoulders, neck and head. Revives tired and dull looking skin. Installs a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Can help stimulate lymphatic drainage of head area so wonderful for sinus and lymphatic congestion problems.

If you suffer from tension headaches or stress related illnesses, Indian Head Massage maybe a good choice for you.  Please look at the book on-line page to see the range of treatments available.

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