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​Advanced Back Massage


Do you suffer from back pain?

Are your shoulders tight and painful?

Does tension in your neck give you headaches?

Then this is the massage for you.

Due to high demand for a deeper back massage, an Advanced Back Massage has been introduced.  A 'must have' massage for anybody suffering from back ache and pain, shoulder tension or a stiff neck.


A combination several different massage techniques may be used including: -

  • Hot Stones Massage - Smooth volcanic stones are gently heated in water and used to massage with and also can be placed on different areas of the back to encourage relaxation.  The heat of the stones helps to; relax and warm the muscles, soft tissue and facia, encourages increased circulation and stimulates removal of the toxic wastes that often accompany, tired, overworked or strained muscles.  It is said that the heat from the stones penetrates 7 times deeper than normal massage.

  • Warm Bamboo Massage -  muscular aches and tensions are literally rolled out.  Again, the warmth of the bamboo, helps relax muscles, stimulate circulation and encourage release of toxins. A deep acting and extremely relaxing massage technique.

  • Trigger Point Massage - if there is a particular area or areas that are especially tight or knotted then Trigger Point massage can really help.  Using, either thumbs or elbows, pressure will be put on the tight/knotted area for about 7 seconds.  This restricts blood flow to the area, when released, the blood rushes through, increaseing oxygen to that area and removing the toxic waste and lactic acid build up.  An extremely effective way of releasing tight and painful muscles.

  • Deep Tissue Massage - is used for a deep acting massage, concentrating on tight, painful muscles, releasing knots and tension in the back, neck and shoulders. 

To enhance and increase the theraputic properties of the massage, a combination of Aromatherapy OIls will be used: -


  • Marjoram  -  encourages circulation, producing warmth,  beneficial  for tired, tight and aching muscles.  The increase in circulation helps carry away the toxic waste left in the muscle after strenous exercise, this is in turn reduces, muscular pain and stiffness.

  • Clary Sage - is a powerful muscle relaxant and helps reduce muscular aches and pains.   It also helps relieve mental stress and tension, which can attribute to tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

  • Black Pepper - a deep-acting oil that has an extremely warming effect on the muscles, this encourages blood flow which helps to  relieve muscular pain, stiffness and fatigue.

  • Grapefruit  -  supports the liver and kidneys and helps to stimulate the lymphatic  and tory system; this encourages removal of the toxic wastes and lactic acid, reducing aching, tired and stiff muscles.


The aromatherapy oils will be blended with nourishing Sunflower Oil and anti-inflammatory Pumpkin Seed Oil. *


After the treatment, if necessary, a homeopathic medicine will be prescribed, that will help the body to heal and repair from the inside.  Homeopathy is safe and effective and suitable for all ages and conditions.

Some of the homeopathic remedies that may be recommended are:-

  • Arnica - this remedy is well-known for a reason - it works really well.  Especially good for treating shock, trauma and injury.  The person requiring this will feel sore, aching and bruised externally or internally.  In cases of bruised tissue or joints Arnica can help to reduce swelling and inflammation.  Also very beneficial for overexertion, exhaustion from too much sports or exercise.  The person feels bruised, aching as if beaten.

  • Bellis Perenis - very similar to Arnica, but the symptoms run deeper.  More beneficial for deeper wounds, bruises or injuries and trauma.  Helps reduce selling of tissues.

  • Bryonia - Symptoms develop slowly over a few days.  Every little movement is painful, pains are bursting, sharp or sore. Injuries to joints.  Inflammation of muscles and tissues - much worse for the least movement.  Pains as if sprained.

  • Hypericicum - Any injury and damage to nerve-rich tissues, causing excrutiating pain.  Shooting pains with tingling or burning, or there may be numbness in the part.  Also helps for falls on spine or coccyx.

  • Magnesium Phosphoricum - Pains from irritation of nerves (neuralgia) and spasms.  These nerves are violent, excrutiating, cutting, cramping and better for hard pressure and heat.  Worse for cold.

  • Rhus Tox - Tearing pains in ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Limbs feel stiff, worse for first movement but better for continual movement.  Complaints from sports or exercise injuries, overstretching or overlifting.

  • Ruta Graveolens - acts on fiberous tissue in cases of trauma and overexertion.  Parts feel bruised, aching, sore and tender.  Better for lying on the back.  First movement after rest is painful but pain eases are gentle movement.


People with lower back pain, strained over-worked muscles, sciatic pain, tension and stiffness in shoulders, tight necks, and fatigued muscles from over exertion. It is also an ideal massage for preparation for a sporting event as will losen and relax the muscles.

If you have injuries or tired muscles in other areas such as legs, knees, ankles feet, arms, wrists and hands the same principles and treatments can be used in these areas too.


*Please note, that this is a guideline of the treatments involved and the oils used.  If you do not like a particular oil or massage technique, then these can be ommitted or replaced.  This is also the case for Homeopathy, if you do not want to take a Homoepathic medicine, it is not a compulsory part of the treament.

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