Pure Relaxation and Indulgence

Muscular aches and pains will be swept away using relaxing massage techniques enhanced by a bespoke blend of theraputic aromatherapy oils.  


A warm, relaxing room awaits you, to indulge yourself with a soothing and calming massage.  Gentle music and soft lighting enhance your treatment., leaving you feeling, relaxed, calm and thoroughly spoilt. 


Aromatherapy oils have wonderful health benefits for the mind, body and soul and enhance the massage with their healing properties.  A variety of aromatherapy treatments are offered including: -

Back, shoulder and neck massage 45 minutes

A wonderful massage for releasing tension in back, neck and shoulders. Helps aleviate pain and tight, aching muscles.  Especially effective for people with acute or chronic back problems such as pulled or torn muscles, painful shoulders or neck, back injuries and sciatica.

45 min

Aromatherapy back, shoulder, neck, face and head massage 60 minutes

Starting with a soothing back, shoulder and neck massage to release tension and relax muscles. Followed by a rejuvinating  and replenishing face massage, using a variety of massage moves including, Indian marma points and Chinese accupressure points. - helping to stimulate circulation and relax tension held in the facial muscles, resulting in an improvement to the skin's tone and feel.  Finishing with a gentle but firm head massage, which helps stimulate circulation to the head area and releaves tension and stress.

1 hr

Full body massage with neck and shoulders  60 or 75 minutes

Deeply relaxing massage, that includes, legs, feet, arms, hands, back, neck and shoulders. The aim of this massage is to promote a sense of deep relaxation and release stress and tight muscles.

1 hr
1 hr 15 min

Full body, neck, face and head massage  90 minutes

The ultimate in relaxation and pampering.  This deeply relaxing massage incorporates the full body massage and the facial shoulder neck and head massage. 

1 hr 30 min

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy using a blend of essential oils  and carrier oils which contain therapeutic properties.  They are readily absorbed through the skin where they have a positive effect on the body, mind and emotions.


Essential oils are extracted from plants, including flowers, seeds,leaves, wood, roots and peel.  They are highly concentrated therefore must be used with care and always diluted.  Essential oils can be used to help with many common ailments and can help with both acute and chronic conditions.


Using oils within a massage produces a relaxing treatment with the added benefit of the theraputic and balancing properties of the essential oils.  I always use oils that are chosen specifically for your needs.

How Can Aromatherapy Help Me?

Muscles and Connective Tissues

Certain Essential oils and Carrier oils have properties that may help relax the muscles, stimulate blood flow, encourage the release toxic build up such as lactic acid.  Relieves tired and aching muscles, aches and pains and general tightness of the muscles.

Hormones and Endocrine System

Aromatherapy is wonderful to help bring hormone balance, especially good for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and pregnancy.  Can also help balance stress hormones, so a safe and comforting way to counteract adreanal fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Emotinal and Mental Balance

Taking time out for yourself is important for emotional and mental well-being.  Treating yourself to a massage with the benefits of the essential oils can have a very positive effect on your emotional and mental health.  The added bonus with Aromatherapy oils is that they have calming, balancing and relaxing properties, which will enhance the theraputic benefits of a massage. 

Immune System

There are many oils that have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  Essential oils are brilliant for helping support and enhance your own immune system.  Encouraging your body to defend against and fight off illness.  Great for combating colds, coughs, flu and viruses.

Beauty and Skin Care

Many Essential oils (and Carrier Oils) are good for skin care, including anti-ageing properties, problems with spots and acne, scars and scar tissue.  The molecules from Aromatherapy oils are easlly absorbed into the skin.  An Aromatherapy facial is a wonderful and nourishing treatment that can really improve the texture and feel of your skin.

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